About Jamejam International recruitment agency

About us

Who are we? We are Jame Jam International Job placement institution, operating legally by supervision of ministry Cooperative, job and Social Welfare in Iran. Actually we are a team activating in different countries include of: Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Oman and the Philippines. Our main activity is, sending Medical Cadre to Health care centers such as hospitals, clinics and Elderly caregivers around the world, and serving those interested in working, studing and living abroad during two decades. We suggest you best legal way to emigrate and reach your goals to the last step such as: - Getting study visa at best and free university in most of countries - Getting work visa with high level salary - Getting investment visa

What is our goal?:

Our goal is to identify and attract the best opportunities for the most talented people around the world.

Our Expertise:

Our consultants have access to various tools, software and approaches to expand and improve our candidates database which is now around 15000 clients and now we have a wide pool of talented candidates to draw from. We have solid experience working with more than 7countries. We constantly strive to develop long term relationships with partners and companies and we are looking for good opportunities to work with companies and we proudly announce that most companies were satisfied of our work. Our experts possess a depth of market experience and knowledge that enables us to procure the best talent for your business. We are able to operate within shorter timescales, with full understanding of your requirements, leading to better, faster and more successful placements. Whether you need a laborer or a specialist, we are here to provide you the best talent in the market.

Our mission and Vision:

We understand recruitment as a mission, with the individual as the most important element in the process. We believe that caring about the development and the good of an employee also serves to develop your company. We understand success as client satisfaction and long-term cooperation. Our experienced administration team provides support and ensures all administrative requirements in relation to our clients are carried out professionally and in a timely manner, ensuring that our client applications are dealt with as efficiently and as quickly as possible.